Taking GFX and WC3 Resources to the New Dimension

4shared.com and The Cavern Links Checker

I noticed today that the cause of the blank pages on 4shared.com is the Greasemonkey script The Cavern Links Checker. It has a bug with 4shared.com. This has tested yet on Firefox 3.5.8, but I’m unsure that the bug works on IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Fluid. If 4shared.com is in TCLC’s list of enabled hosts, after a few minutes after browsing 4shared.com, it shows up as a blank page (the exception is the 4shared.com forum). If these minutes has passed and you suffer from that problem, you must do one of the following options (for Firefox users):

1. Right-click on the Greasemonkey icon on the statusbar > User Script Commands > TCLC Preferences, then click on 4shared.com in the Enable Hosts list, then click on Disable Host.

2. (For those who want to check for dead 4shared.com download links outside of the site itself, or for those with their respective account who want to upload) Right-click on the Greasemonkey icon on the statusbar > Manage User Scripts… Click on The Cavern Links Checker, and next to the “Excluded pages” list, click Add…. the following:

3. If the above steps does not work for you, temporarily disable The Cavern Links Checker script and enable it only if you want to go to 4shared.com.
4. You may clear the cookies and restart Firefox. If it is not enough for you, you can try one of the following options above.

I tried uploading my latest three WC3 icons, but I found duplicates – this means I uploaded them before. Sorry!


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