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Uzsaku Impersonator on Warcraft Unlimited

I have found one new user of Warcraft Unlimited called “Uzsaku” and posted two of my WC3 icons (Meta Ridley and Maleficent)and my Uzsaku v2 model (these must be deleted from Warcraft Unlimited) without my permission on that forum. The “Uzsaku” impersonator account is not mine. To Zerox: Please permanently IP ban this user NOW!!!

I’m the REAL Uzsaku, author of this blog. I cannot allow impersonators to use my name in other forums! If you found users on forums other than The Nightmare Factory (a WC3 forum) called “Uzsaku”, contact the admins of these said forums to permanently IP ban these impersonators.

EDIT: Chaos93 sent a PM to the fake Uzsaku account about this. I also really want the deletion of all of the Uzsaku impersonator’s posts on WC3U once the impersonator is IP banned from that forum. I WANT TO SEE WHO IS THE MASTERMIND BEHIND THE UZSAKU IMPERSONATOR ON WARCRAFT UNLIMITED!!!

EDIT2: Chaos93 deleted the WC3U Uzsaku impersonator account and banned that account’s IP and e-mail. It was also revealed that the impersonator may be a moron because the impersonator does not reply to Chaos93’s PM’s. Also the Uzsaku v2 model and the Meta Ridley and Maleficent icons uploaded on WC3U were taken down at last. Thanks again Chaos93, but I hope that all of the Uzsaku impersonator’s posts on WC3U will eventually be deleted and the impersonator case will be solved.

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  1. Wow I’ve had only one impersonator myself but not quite to this level. To be honest it nearly makes me laugh but not quite so much as it obviously distresses you.

    He seemed pretty authentic to be honest. I saw a couple of his posts and he seemed to act just like you. I thought you just had decided to come to your senses and to hang out there again where people actually gave you comments on your work and how to improve for the future.

    But alas I guess Unlimited and yourself weren’t so fortunate. It appears he just copy and pasted your stuff here on the blog nearly word for word. And the images link to your blog.

    Personally I don’t see why you don’t just have me change his password to what you want and the email address to your own and then why don’t you use the account legitimately. It might stop him from making new fake accounts if you just take his fake one. Though I’m not sure what reaction he’ll give this is a new problem for myself.

    June 2, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    • I have evidence that the Uzsaku account on Unlimited is not mine and is an impersonator account:

      1. The email used in the fake WC3U Uzsaku account is different from my email, so my email is not used to create the fake Uzsaku account on WC3U.
      2. The impersonator downloaded 3 of my WC3 resources stored in my 4shared.com account and uploaded them on WC3U. This means the impersonator violated my rule that no uploading of my resources to other sites.
      3. My IP is different from the IP of the fake Uzsaku account on WC3U.

      In addition, Dan van Ohllus came to the attention of this impersonation incident.

      June 3, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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