Taking GFX and WC3 Resources to the New Dimension


News: June 13, 2010

With the school year in the Philippines draws too near, I’ll be less active.This means my online activity will be decrease starting Tuesday. Also I have to post one or two each day, rarely none in a few days. I am also working for my current unnamed project.


News: June 8, 2010

I have recently promoted by King_Arthas to a moderator of his Dark Order forum, a new WC3 forum with WoW rips for WC3, and I already started contributing to that forum and the Nightmare Factory (another WoW rip forum). Because of these, I want to post my own WoW models for WC3 in my own blog, and as a result, I updated the site’s rules.
Meanwhile, my blog will have a new banner and logo soon…

News: May 26, 2010

Today, because someone commented on my first Foxkeh sig that asked me to share the image anywhere else under a Creative Commons license, I updated the blog’s rules. That comment means the comment poster did not respect my rule that NO UPLOADING OF MY SIGS TO OTHER SITES!
Meanwhile, I know now that the peak hours of the 4Shared site are 12:00 ~ 16:00 GMT+8 (04:00 ~ 08:00 GMT; 21:00 ~ 01:00 GMT-7; 00:00 ~ 04:00 GMT-4). During these others, 4Shared is likely to suffer from some unexpected downtime. Because of that, I cannot upload my three newest WC3 icons (click on one of the pictures to download the matching model for the icon):

Download the matching model for this icon

Download the matching model for this icon

Download the matching model for this icon
I will try to upload the icons on my 4Shared account by later. If you have problems accessing 4Shared, just comment and tell me the problem. I hope that the 4Shared Support Team will get the attention of the current downtime problem.

News: May 25, 2010

Today, I created a sticky post in order to remind more viewers of my blog that they read the most important rules of my blog, because I encountered spam comments (all are off-topic) recently. I am still in busy mode at this moment, but the blog’s rules may be updated at any time.

News: May 22, 2010

Here’s the good news: The total views of my blog has been increased again! Is my blog going to be popular one day?
Meanwhile, someone who searched for a WC3 Sephiroth icon actually downloaded my Remanants of Sephiroth icon pack.
Here’s the bad news: For the sake to concentrating more on 2D art, I have officially left WC3 modding, but I will still make WC3 icons and collect models.

News: May 20, 2010

I’m happy today that the total views of my blog are sharply increased! My Tsutaja sig post gets the most number of views withing my blog this week! Someone also viewed my Maleficent icon for WC3, but this person hasn’t downloaded the icon, sorry!

Here’s today’s sad news:
The link http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=all shows the new look of Google, not the classic one. Google implemented its new design universally. (This means clicking the link above if you want to revert to the old Google design has no effect on the current look of Google.) But there’s still some hope, in the form of those desperate to revert to the old Google design possibly developing Firefox add-ons, Greasemonkey scripts, or user styles to do this want.

News: May 19, 2010

I have checked my file sharing account that still nobody is downloading my WC3 resources. I also noticed that zadelim, a Chinese speaker and a member of WarCraft Unlimited (a Warcraft III forum), has made 4 League of Legends WC3 icons (Jax, Pantheon, Shen, Blitzcrank) without first seeing my blog. But I came first in the race. Still no redistribution of my icons please… If you want to make WC3 icons similar to mine’s, SEARCH FIRST.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in busy mode, and because of that I’ll post once or twice every day here. Also someone comments on my Daegon sig, and I deleted the comment because it is irrelevant to the post.

News: April 29, 2010

This is the news recap on this blog as of today. I wrote a new page containing the rules of this blog in more detailed form. Then I uploaded a “Download” button on my external image host that will be used on this blog in the near future (Do not alter/upload that on other sites!) And last but not the least, after a failed sig creation attempt, I completed just one sig today (Medicham).

~ Uzsaku, The Hunter Lord ~

News: April 25, 2010

I have noticed bad HTML code on 6 signature posts here (Mawile, Eitrigg, Scizor, Drifblim, Magnezone, Noctowl), because I did not notice the editing mode is on Visual when adding those said posts to my blog. So I fixed the problems today. As of this date, this blog has 10 sig posts so far. 9/10 Pokemon, 1/10 Warcraft.

~ Uzsaku, The Hunter Lord ~