Taking GFX and WC3 Resources to the New Dimension


Here’s the rules of this blog, in depth.

I. Resource and Stock Rules

1. Ask me permission first if you want to use my resources/stock as prints/commercial use.
2. Do not claim all my works as your own.
3. Do not upload my GFX/WC3 resources and stocks, altered or not, to other sites!
4. You are allowed to create your artwork using my stock. If you post it in any site, please give proper credits to me with a link to my blog, let me know if you use my stock in its post in the form of the comment (correct format: Used here: [link to the page containing the artwork] ; critique is optional, but must comply with my blog’s Comment Posting Rules; see below), BUT no redistributing my stocks themselves to other sites! Also no stock can be made from my stocks.
5. If you use one of my WC3 resources in your WC3 map, please give proper credits to me with a link to my blog.
7. All the original models and textures used in my WoW models/rips for WC3 are created and copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment (and NOT created/copyrighted by me). But the only event that you give credits to Blizzard and me is to use my WoW models in your WC3 map. You may obviously edit these models without giving credit to me. But strictly no uploading of my WoW models on other sites! Also, please do not say that my WoW models are “made” or “created” by me. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
8. If you want my stocks to be viewed in full size without the bars, please download the ZIP archive containing the unedited stock.
9. If you used one of my sigs as your sig, please leave me a comment in the post of the sig you used. Please mention the forum(s) where you used that sig, don’t forget to include the link(s) to that/those forum(s), and the name must be your username on one of that/those said forum(s). (This rule also applies to my userbars.)
10. If you used one of my WC3 resources in your WC3 map, please leave me a comment in the post of the WC3 resource(s) you used. Please mention the link to your map at EpicWar.com, and your name in your comment must be the exact name of the map’s author (must be you).

II. Comment Posting Rules

1. ALL COMMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH AND TAGALOG. But please post an English translation if you want to comment in Tagalog.
2. Advertising, spamming, flaming, insulting me, and trolling is not allowed.
3. Do not double- or multi-post your comments. Flooding is also prohibited.
4. Comments containing porn, warez, libelous/defamatory content, hacking, piracy, and other illegal activities are not allowed.
5. No offensive comments please.
6. All comments must be constructive and relevant, not blatant and off-topic.
7. You cannot post links to porn, erotica, torrent sites, affiliate links, referrals, ads, sites containing malware/trojans/worms/viruses, and sites that are defunct.
8. No serious discussion allowed.
9. Do not post in all caps, sticky caps, leetspeak, or jejemon language.
10. Please do not comment on my sigs, tutorials, stocks, and all my other GFX work posts here just to ask me if my work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Such comments will be deleted.
11. Strictly do not comment purely in the form of trackbacks and pingbacks!
12. No asking questions or even requesting anything that are off-topic/irrelevant to the whole post. Also no asking questions such as “May I upload it to my site”, “Can you please upload your work to another site”, and others similar to these two questions.
13. Strictly no swearing. No bad langauge is allowed in this blog.
14. Please obey the five-word rule: Any comments containing less than 5 words will be deleted FOREVER.
15. Strictly no scraping of this blog/reblogging any of my posts here! Rebloging of any of my posts on this site = MANUAL BLOG SCRAPING!

III. How to Report All Those Who Violated The Above Rules

You can email me at uzsaku_thl@ymail.com if you found comments on my blog that violated the comment posting rules above. These comments will be deleted. If someone posted my resources/stock on another site, please contact that site’s admin for removal, and also remind me in form of a comment to the post containing the “stolen” resource. If someone ripped my GFX works, you can report the ripper(s) at a GFX forum with a Report Rippers/Rippers’ Court (updated because AnitiRip.com redirects to a site called “Pandoras Canvas”; exact cause of this is still unknown at this moment) and also remind me using the process I described above. If someone creates a Uzsaku / The Hunter Lord account on another site that is not mine (not using my above-mentioned email address for the account creation process), please remind me via email and PM/contact the site admin for an permanent IP ban request and also deletion of my resources if they are uploaded on that site. Illegitimate Uzsaku accounts will/must not be tolerated. If you want to impersonate me, then STRICTLY NO IMPERSONATING ME!