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The Legend of Zelda [NES on Wii] Glitch – Link on the Menu Screen

This video, originally uploaded by mattdog1000000 on YouTube on January 03, 2007, shows a possibly game-breaking glitch in the Virtual console version of The Legend of Zelda game (the updated version of the NES release). This shows Link walking on the menu screen until the Wii’s HOME Menu is accessed and exited.

Super Mario Bros. [NES] Moonwalking in Water Glitch: The Blinking Leg

I have found one video (originally uploaded on YouTube by SpaceNinja88 on may 07, 2008) showing Mario has three legs in water in the game described in this post’s title. In fact, this extra leg in front of Mario is blinking and is caused WHEN YOU TRY TO MOONWALK MARIO IN WATER!

Spelunker [Famicom] TAS?

This may be the fastest speedrun of the NES/Famicom game Spelunker, in just 35 seconds. But I saw something strange that breaks the law of this game. This may mean that speedrun is tool-assisted or C2H4O, the Japanese gamer that originally uploaded the video on YouTube on February 10, 2007, used an undocumented and little-known glitch/cheat code to do that.

Dragon’s Lair [NES] TAS?

This is another speedrun of a hard game, Dragon’s Lair for NES. This video also features the player bypassing the final enemy of the game to beat this game, in less than 5 minutes. This video was originally uploaded on YouTube by PixelatedBros on January 24, 2008.