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Rozen Maiden Dolls Icon Pack

The first icon pack posted on The Dark Order @ Forumotion, this pack contains all the icons of the eight Rozen Maiden dolls from the anime of the same name. Kirakishou and Kanaria’s icons are fairy LQ for me.



Time Bomb Nobody [Kingdom Hearts II]

Before we proceed to this post:
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After three straight days of not posting anything here, here’s the Time Bomb Nobody icon from Kingdom Hearts II, made by me. Fits with the following resource: Time Bomb Nobody [Kingdom Hearts II] by Zerox


Driller Mole [Kingdom Hearts II]

Here’s one of my latest WC3 icons, Driller Mole Emblem Heartless from Kingdom Hearts II (not the Final Mix+ version). Fits with the following resource: Driller Mole [Kingdom Hearts II] by Gdude666


Kerchak [Kingdom Hearts]

Second (consecutive) WC3 icon made by me in this month, Kerchak from Kingdom Hearts. It is made from this THLW Exclusive render, also by me. Fits with the following resource: Kerchak by Zerox


Isaac [Golden Sun]

I’m sorry for WordPress.com being down recently so I cannot publish this post at that moment. So here it is, the WC3 icon of Isaac from Golden Sun. Fits with the following resource: Isaac [Golden Sun] by Zerox


Ben 10 [Original Series]

Here’s my “third” WC3 model I released, Ben 10 from the original series. This model is also the first one I made with mesh transplantation (thanks Zerox for the tutorial for this).

Base model by AnmAn
WC3 Shaman animations by Blizzard (edits by Uzsaku)
Mesh transplant, icon, Dissipate animation and portrait camera by Uzsaku


Lynx [Chrono Cross]

This is the second Chrono Cross WC3 icon I made, Lynx. Fits with the following resource: Lynx [Chrono Cross] by Judash137


Harley Quinn [Batman]

Here’s my first ever WC3 icon of a comic book character, Harley Quinn, one of Batman’s many villains. Fits with the following resource: Harley Quinn [Batman] by AnmAn


News: May 26, 2010

Today, because someone commented on my first Foxkeh sig that asked me to share the image anywhere else under a Creative Commons license, I updated the blog’s rules. That comment means the comment poster did not respect my rule that NO UPLOADING OF MY SIGS TO OTHER SITES!
Meanwhile, I know now that the peak hours of the 4Shared site are 12:00 ~ 16:00 GMT+8 (04:00 ~ 08:00 GMT; 21:00 ~ 01:00 GMT-7; 00:00 ~ 04:00 GMT-4). During these others, 4Shared is likely to suffer from some unexpected downtime. Because of that, I cannot upload my three newest WC3 icons (click on one of the pictures to download the matching model for the icon):

Download the matching model for this icon

Download the matching model for this icon

Download the matching model for this icon
I will try to upload the icons on my 4Shared account by later. If you have problems accessing 4Shared, just comment and tell me the problem. I hope that the 4Shared Support Team will get the attention of the current downtime problem.

News: May 22, 2010

Here’s the good news: The total views of my blog has been increased again! Is my blog going to be popular one day?
Meanwhile, someone who searched for a WC3 Sephiroth icon actually downloaded my Remanants of Sephiroth icon pack.
Here’s the bad news: For the sake to concentrating more on 2D art, I have officially left WC3 modding, but I will still make WC3 icons and collect models.