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Ben 10 [Original Series]

Here’s my “third” WC3 model I released, Ben 10 from the original series. This model is also the first one I made with mesh transplantation (thanks Zerox for the tutorial for this).

Base model by AnmAn
WC3 Shaman animations by Blizzard (edits by Uzsaku)
Mesh transplant, icon, Dissipate animation and portrait camera by Uzsaku


News: June 8, 2010

I have recently promoted by King_Arthas to a moderator of his Dark Order forum, a new WC3 forum with WoW rips for WC3, and I already started contributing to that forum and the Nightmare Factory (another WoW rip forum). Because of these, I want to post my own WoW models for WC3 in my own blog, and as a result, I updated the site’s rules.
Meanwhile, my blog will have a new banner and logo soon…

Uzsaku v2

Here’s the first WC3 model post here, Uzsaku v2. Why v2? I convinced that the former version of the model is sloppy so I made a new look into the model. Again, credits go to Black_Stan and me to this model. Icon is also created by me.

Download Link:
Uzsaku v2.zip