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News: August 22, 2010

Now, I’m lacking a lot of time continuing my GFX career but I have a large WC3 model library. However, I’ll try my best posting my latest WC3 and GFX stuff as well as speedrun videos if I don’t have the sufficient time to do GFX.

News: August 1, 2010

Starting on this day, all my future posts on this blog will have a Facebook Like button in the bottom of them. Also you can now share THLW with your Facebook and Twitter friends!

UPDATE: WordPress.com added the sharing options of liking and sharing posts on Facebook and Tweeting them. So I no longer need the long Facebook Like code I taken from another blog.

News: July 29, 2010

I’m sorry guys, because I don’t have sufficient time now on weekdays. However, I had successfully placed WC3 animations on a model, which is due for public release this coming weekend. I have planned multiple releases of WC3 model, icons and skins in the coming weeks.

News: July 16, 2010

Here’s the latest THLW blog news: You can now access this awesome and magnificent site at the shorter URL of thlw.tk! But wait, I’m NOT accepting your invites to me to be part of your WC3 map projects BECAUSE I’m not interested in them anymore.

Here comes the bad news:

Because iPBFree is gone forever yesterday, Warcraft Anime is also gone, too. Warcraft Anime users, especially its founder Darkside/Mk-Diablo, you now have the chance to distribute all the WC3 resources uploaded on that site to other WC3 sites excluding my blog, or even move Warcraft Anime to a new host.


Uzsaku, The Hunter Lord

News: July 6, 2010

This time, I created the Renders category in this blog because I’ve already started rendering, in other words, removing an image from its background. Meanwhile, I’ll accepting affiliation requests ONLY if my blog’s total views has reached 10000 or if the year 2011 has reached without attaining this already-mentioned requirement.

News: June 29, 2010

I posted new today. But this time, involving the blog itself. I changed the blog’s background twice. And I removed the sticky post because of the new theme I installed and because there are no comments posted on my blog since the posting of my grunge stocks here.

News: June 27, 2010

Today, I have changed my blog’s current theme to “Modularity Lite” that is even better than the “Ocean Mist” theme. And the banner has changed, too! Then you want to know what is “THLW Exclusive”? My works and resources marked as THLW Exclusive means these are exclusive ONLY to THLW and you have no rights to redistribute/upload them on other sites. In the meantime you still don’t have rights to upload my works on other sites.

News: June 20, 2010

This news post is ONLY for my fanfic Arzilan. I completed the map of the world of Arzilan. Next up is the character stories.

News: June 18, 2010

I noticed that my banner for King_Arthas’s The Dark Order (I called it the Warcraft 3 garage of the WoW rips for WC3 community) has been implemented as the new site banner! And meanwhile, the setting of my upcoming fanfic series is Arzilan.

News: June 8, 2010

I have recently promoted by King_Arthas to a moderator of his Dark Order forum, a new WC3 forum with WoW rips for WC3, and I already started contributing to that forum and the Nightmare Factory (another WoW rip forum). Because of these, I want to post my own WoW models for WC3 in my own blog, and as a result, I updated the site’s rules.
Meanwhile, my blog will have a new banner and logo soon…