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Rozen Maiden Dolls Icon Pack

The first icon pack posted on The Dark Order @ Forumotion, this pack contains all the icons of the eight Rozen Maiden dolls from the anime of the same name. Kirakishou and Kanaria’s icons are fairy LQ for me.



News: May 22, 2010

Here’s the good news: The total views of my blog has been increased again! Is my blog going to be popular one day?
Meanwhile, someone who searched for a WC3 Sephiroth icon actually downloaded my Remanants of Sephiroth icon pack.
Here’s the bad news: For the sake to concentrating more on 2D art, I have officially left WC3 modding, but I will still make WC3 icons and collect models.

Remnants of Sephiroth Icon Pack [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Here’s the first Final Fantasy WC3 icon pack post here. This pack contains all the WC3 icons of the three Remnants of Sephiroth: Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, made by me. Fits with the following resources:
Kadaj by Raph_the_Great
Loz by Raph_the_Great
Yazoo by Raph_the_Great

Snorunt Evolutionary Line (Icon Pack)

This icon pack is the first WC3 icon post and first WC3 resource here.

No Uploading to Other Sites!

Download link: http://www.4shared.com/file/HnFLd8Z8/Snorunt_Evolutionary_Line_Icon.html
If you want to upload this icon pack to other sites, please read “For Resource Thieves Please Read” on the right side of this page.