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News: August 22, 2010

Now, I’m lacking a lot of time continuing my GFX career but I have a large WC3 model library. However, I’ll try my best posting my latest WC3 and GFX stuff as well as speedrun videos if I don’t have the sufficient time to do GFX.


Ninja Spirit [Game Boy] TAS

I know that this speedrun (in 5:40.42 by Primo) for Ninja Spirit for Game Boy is the fastest for this game. This video is originally uploaded by acubist on YouTube on March 18, 2007.

Donkey Kong Jr. [NES] Speedrun

Before I proceed with this post, I respectfully declined the offer by N.Knight to be a Graphic Designer in his WC3 map project Prehistoric Park, because of lack of my time and I’m not interested in WC3 mapping projects anymore.

So here’s the speedrun of all four different levels of the NES game Donkey Kong Jr., by Ferret Warlord. No glitches/cheats detected in this speedrun. This video is originally uploaded on YouTube by NewGameEra on April 13, 2007.

Spelunker [Famicom] TAS?

This may be the fastest speedrun of the NES/Famicom game Spelunker, in just 35 seconds. But I saw something strange that breaks the law of this game. This may mean that speedrun is tool-assisted or C2H4O, the Japanese gamer that originally uploaded the video on YouTube on February 10, 2007, used an undocumented and little-known glitch/cheat code to do that.

Super Mario Bros. [NES] Parallel Air Hack TAS

This is a speedrun of another ultra hard Super Mario Bros. hack, “Parallel Air” (a variant of another hack Air). I think that one is the fastest pf that hack. Parallel Air only contains 3 levels. On the last part of the hack (contains invisible platforms) if you transform into Fire Mario the sky will change before you fight the final enemy, a Hammer Bro. that is only defeated with several fireballs. This video is originally uploaded by webnations on YouTube on December 23, 2007.

Dragon’s Lair [NES] TAS?

This is another speedrun of a hard game, Dragon’s Lair for NES. This video also features the player bypassing the final enemy of the game to beat this game, in less than 5 minutes. This video was originally uploaded on YouTube by PixelatedBros on January 24, 2008.