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Veigar [League of Legends]

UPDATED! I remade that icon because I don’t know that is Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil. I like the icon more than the first version, and I discarded it. I mistaken the icon for a reskinned minion before so I updated the icon. IF YOU WANT THE OLD VERSION OF THE ICON, YOU’RE FREE TO REDISTRIBUTE IT. Fits with the following resource: Veigar by Desolate Phoenix Star

Warwick [League of Legends]

Here’s another addition to my League of Legends WC3 icon compilation, Warwick. Fits with the following resource: Warwick by Desolate Phoenix Star

Amumu [League of Legends]

Here’s the WC3 icon for Amumu, made by me. Fits with the following resource: Amumu by Desolate Phoenix Star